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Retro–Interesting–same plays 2009 vs 2010. Obviously defensive coaches learned very little–sorta like they didn’t even look at 2009 tape. Same exact plays in 2010. Now somebody is stupid here and certainly not the Navy coaches.  Offensive line play –no difference. What I find more interesting is coaching–keep your eye on the clock in 2009 game. […]

ND VS Tulsa

Before I get into this game, I want to comment on 3 things that confounded me(there’s a lot more). 1– Can’t remember the game and I can’t remember ever hearing this before–but the ND defensive coaches wanted the home crowd to quiet down since they couldn’t get their defensive changes in. Every game I ever […]

Sea Change Coming

This probably won’t happen but I would really like to see an entirely new OL start–with the exception of Martin. Obviously starters need a reminder–might say a Wally Pipp moment. Leahy would do it but Kelly won’t–he knows he must win this game and even with the mess on OL he won’t change unless this […]

Tulsa Week

Tulsa comes in with a 4W-3L record and had a bye last week. They got stomped by OKLA State and only lost at SMU by 3. Then they hung 52 on Tulane. Check out this highlight clip: Time to get worried–they look pretty good and my guess is they will be really really fired […]

Charlie gets last chuckle

Weis hired–no time to recruit and his asst coaches picked for him. Don’t think he even knew them. 2005-2006 Bowl games-found out he really did not have an offensive or defensive line. 2007-Clausen year one- disaster lack of recruits by TY hits home–Clausen almost killed 2008–better but asst coaching problem and still no linemen. 2009-some […]

Cut/Chop Blocks

Checked out NFL rules which defensive players don’t agree with. Both D linemen and LB’s just say it’s really just chop blocking as far as they are concerned. Almost every knee injury to these groups come from this type of block and they would like to see it banned.