Monthly Archives: September 2011

Offense Musings

When Brian Kelly opened his first Spring Practices to reporters–they were blown away by the uptempo speed with which the offense was working. And Kelly quipped –you ain’t seen nothing yet–wait until we finish Fall Practice. He also opined on the Spread Offense with warp speed running plays which happens so fast, it keeps the […]

2 Jersey Guys

Mike Ragone, Camden Catholic–probably the best Tight End in that recruiting class when he committed to Charlie Weis. Mike was big, tough and lightening fast–could have played Wide Receiver–he was that fast. Unfortunately knee surgeries finished his days as a player. He never fully recovered from surgery, yet he continued to play as the blocking […]

Pitt Aftermath

I have already expounded on my take of the Pitt game–lucky win, but so were the losses lucky for our opponents. Read Kelly’s comments on this game (I’m in control) and Rees is MY QB–okay so what if he is planted in the sod of ND stadium–what is plan B–really no answer except maybe more […]

ND 15 PITT 12

Your lying eyes are not deceiving you. This game was bloody awful. It was obvious right from the outset and throughout the game that ND was completely out coached, out played and outhit. It seemed that the Pitt defensive coordinator was wired into Brian Kelly’s headset. It was also obvious that Bob Diaco was hopelessly […]


Which team shows up for this away game at Pittsburgh? After stumbling around searching for a Head Coach they landed the high octane offense of the Tulsa head coach Todd Graham–we all remember Tulsa from last year but now he has better players. I briefly watched Pitt vs Iowa and was shocked that Iowa came […]

ND 31 MSU 13

Finally the first win–although errors persistently continue. This was a very good win but major concerns still exist and we kept MSU in the game for too long. Go back and replay the game and you will see a marked difference between the halves. Still not playing 4 quarters of solid football–but I’ll take the […]


Now is the time–makes teams and players more excited–whether good plays, bad plays and the best reason–the expression on Kelly’s face. Also, now the time for–GASP–names on jerseys. I want to know who is playing–forget the old Joe Paterno rule. Fix the grass situation now. More on MSU later. Here is an interesting video from […]