Monthly Archives: October 2011

Monkey Off our Backs ND 56 Navy 14

Notre Dame clearly shrugged off an embarrassing loss to USC and a ridiculous Twitter controversy to just absolutely manhandle a Navy team who at the time of the game was 3rd in rushing in the nation. Fired up from the get go Tommy Rees led the Irish to fast scores and the defense completely shut […]

What ND needs

ND reminds me of some type of gentleman’s club–maybe say Yale or Princeton on both sides of the ball–we do not need guys that are embarrassed to be seen as tough guys. Defense first–we need some psychos–Manti just too nice–goes out of his way to deliver a devastating hit and misses a lot–maybe jacked up […]


You have to remember that Navy is not Army or Air Force and that only 2 games really matter the most to them–1-Army 2- Notre Dame. I just cannot see the ND scoring machine we saw vs Air Force. Year after year regardless of the coach we have had physically superior players get pushed around […]

Final Final Comments on USC

Everything was in place for the defining victory to catapult ND into BCS discussion and grab a few elite recruits along the way. Didn’t happen on or off the field. This was the year — USC banged up and less talented than ND for the first time in years. The only problem, as I saw […]

Navy Week

Just what we need–losing Kap Moore to season ending knee injury. Do not play Ethan Johnson and possibly lose him due to Navy cut blocking. Freshman must step up and so do all of ND’s linebackers. Navy is currently standing at 2 W 5 L. Somewhat deceiving since losses by just a few points–only exception […]

USC 31 ND 17

Way too much hype–sorta like a Cecil B DeMille epic but with a bad ending. Not going too much into nuts and bolts–just re watch the game. Whole team did not step up–really not ready for prime time. This is not a BCS team. Next up Navy and cut blocks and option. Diaco really doesn’t […]