Monthly Archives: November 2011

Big Back

While we have Mahone, who I believe will do the job and compliment Wood–I want a jumbo fullback say 6’2″ 245 lbs that has a burst to get the 2-4 yds. Don’t need a speed merchant but if we can get a FB like Navy churns out every year that would set up numerous running […]

Somewhere out there

Somewhere out there in some High School there’s a big kid who has played center his entire High School career–quite possibly in a spread offense. I mean a big 300+ lb guy that can handle a big nose guard handily and can’t be driven into the backfield–we need one in this recruiting class. You know– […]

Sinking Feeling

Waiting around for tomorrow’s game so had an opportunity to see the first half of the LSU -Arkansas game. What an eye opener and ND has so far to go that I’m not sure we will ever reach that level. Speed and power all over the place–they even field and run back punts. Both OL’s […]


We’ll know how this game will play out in the opening possession by both teams. ND offense–line must show up and dominate or run game won’t work, same goes for pass. If ND goes 3 and out this will be a long night. ND defense–unrelenting pressure on the Stanford QB Luck by the front 4 […]


Let’s see–Cave, Gray & Tuitt out. Riddick Ethan Johnson–still hampered Flu going round, so who knows who else will miss the Stanford game. USC almost upset Stanford but we don’t have Barkley. Stanford staff studying Pitt, Wake, USC and BC defensive game plan and spends all week mimicking it. Head to head we have no […]


Time to really lay the wood on BC–one of most irritating thorns over the years. You can count on BC to play hard and not quit no matter what their record is. ND is a BIG GAME, BOWL GAME for them. ND cannot allow them to hang around. I still don’t know what to make […]