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Safe to Exhale

Just when you thought 2012 recruiting over the saga of Davonte Neal pops up again. I have no inside info but it has been reported that he is now switching to complete his senior HS year to another school. What? 3 months to go–don’t get it. Kelly apparently is ok with it. This might all […]


Briefly–Kickoffs from the 35 yard line to encourage touchbacks and reduce injuries. Problem receiving team gets ball on 25 yd line as opposed to the 20. So, most coaches will try to kick high and try for the 5-15 yd line rather than give up that automatic 5 yds. Unless, of course, opposing team has […]

#17 Devonte Neal

ND gets final commitment, a 5’10” 175 lb 4 star wr db from Arizona—–great athlete! But–some good news, bad news here–very weird recruitment boiling down to much publicized signing at his school(grade,high–don’t know) he didn’t show up but the school band did. Apparently this came down to the recruit wanting to go to Arizona and […]


I just do not understand how every year the LSU’S, BAMAS, GATORS AUBURNS AND TEXAS can land anywhere between 25-30 recruits EVERY year–thought there was a limit of 85 for every team. ND picks up 16 and we now have 82. Oh I forgot the NCAA and the conference schools have corrupt administrators–so all is […]

ND signs 16 Recruits

Greenberry surprises Irish and commits to Houston–no surprise to me. Never thought Greenberry or Darby were solid. We needed T Shepard the most and got him. Decker is the one that really surprised when he went to that scumbag Urban.