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Passing Time

This one’s for Chris in Boston. Clip was posted on the Keith Arnold site. Manti should win the Heisman if it stands for what originally intended. Nice if he was to join Leon Hart who played both ways but was a standout on defense on Leahy’s post war teams.

What’s Next As We Wait 6 Weeks

Before going ahead let’s revisit Lane Kiffin’s calls on that goal line stand. Running 3 times (he must not have known what we did to Stanford) not only did he run but he ran right at Big Lou Nix–really stupid. I would have passed all those downs to Lee–he would have caught one. I guess […]

Notre Dame 22 USC 13

12 and 0 and going to the BCS Championship game. USC– 6 tries inside the 5, 2 and goal line and 0 points thanks to an incredible goal line stand including a dropped pass. Please extend Kiffin’s contract say for 10 years. Credit really goes to the entire Notre Dame team but special credit once […]

Notre Dame Vs. USC | Predictions 2012

Fast start, fast start and fast start. Notre Dame must come out uptempo and fast, USC could not handle the offenses of Arizona or Oregon–defense just could not keep up, ND must follow that format and score touchdowns and a lot of them to win. USC will be all psyched up at the start but […]

Dreams Crushed

As our current team rated #1 gets ready for the game that will define their season, I am reminded of past horrors the Irish experienced in the LA Coliseum — there were a lot of them but 2 in particular broke many hearts and crushed dreams: 1964–Ara’s first year brought a juggernaut to LA #1 […]


Final regular game for 2012 and Notre Dame is #1, Barkley allegedly won’t play due to an injury to his throwing arm. Hopefully that’s true but don’t be surprised if he has a miraculous recovery if 2nd team QB Max Wittek is not doing very good. Can just see it- Barkley comes in off the […]

Irish Grab Number One By Crushing Wake Forest 38-0

Finally, finally a game we could just relax and enjoy a beat down. Cierre Wood 11 carries for 150 yards including a 68 yard TD run in first series–is it me? I thought Wood was faster than he seemed. This game ended on Wakes 1st series when Carlo Calabrese absolutely crushed a RB who caught […]

Notre Dame VS. Wake Forest | Predictions

Last home game of the 2012 season and the final seniors recruited by Charlie Weis. Funny how things work out–these guys are 10-0 and looking for 11-0 against Wake. Everyone knew what you were getting in 5 star super recruit Manti Te’o but no one knew how terrific 3 star Tyler Eifert would be in […]

Musings | Manti Te’o

Manti Te’o is getting praise all over the place, and it is well deserved–an inconceivable blend of Catholic vs. Mormon faiths in the most Catholic university in the US. Up for Heisman? Far reach for a defensive player–only Leon Hart won a H at ND but he played both ways–just as good on offensive as […]