Monthly Archives: September 2013

OK What Now?

Looking ahead to Arizona State it is quite obvious we just cannot keep doing what we have been doing so far this season. We have had a hard time against 4 mediocre opponents and get blasted by the first quality opponent we’ve played. We can continue to expect our remaining opponents defense to play us […]

Oklahoma 35 Notre Dame 21

Well that didn’t take long, about 3 minutes before we were down 14-0 on 2 interceptions. I know Rees is going to take all the heat on this one but that 1st pick – not on him plus he almost got killed on the hit. Just great when he comes to the sideline and Kelly […]

Notre Dame vs Oklahoma

So far I haven’t liked much about the first 4 games of this season – coaching first, motivation second. Most lethargic and confused team I’ve seen in a long time. At this stage, when getting the play called just about uses the clock, something very basic is missing. Further, looks to me that players are […]

Continuing Offense Discussion

Everyone is disappointed about the ND offense in the past 4 games. To Kelly, it appears just the fact that 3-1 is just fine and it’s all about just winning games. So last year ND basically just stumbled into the National Championship game and last years team was far better than what we are seeing […]

Trying To Understand The ND Offense

I, like most ND fans are trying to make sense of the Kelly/Martin play calling so far this season. With an almost non existent running game, Kelly just quips that he will just go over the top on those teams that jam the line of scrimmage. Ok, I get that, but when it’s 3rd and […]


Not at all pretty as ND edges MSU in a battle of the trenches. With State loading the box, only alternative was to pass – oh, let’s skip those down the line passes, someone is going to get a pick 6 one of these Saturdays. Tommy Rees was 14/34 for 142 yards and generally put […]

Notre Dame VS Michigan State

Traditionally and usually, 3 teams give ND fits despite inferior talent – Michigan State, Pitt and Purdue. This week will not be any different. MSU comes to South Bend with a very good defense (they usually do) and an improving offense banging out over 500 yards against Youngstown State and they found their QB – […]

Notre Dame 31 Purdue 24

Brian Kelly, Chuck Martin and Broyles Award winner Bob Diaco (did I mention Broyles Award) better get their head phones checked for tampering – it’s either that or opposing coaches are living inside their heads. Everything is just so predictable on both sides of the ball and to consistently run the ball against 8 in […]

Notre Dame Vs. Purdue

This game, every year is THE most important game for Purdue. Purdue, traditionally, has always played ND tough and last year it took a last minute FG to beat a rather poor Boiler team. I expect that Notre Dame, as they usually do, will play down to the competition level. When you look at the […]

Detached From Reality

Brian Kelly’s post game press conference was somewhat bizarre. He went on and on about need to improve the offense and how just a few plays on offense would have resulted in 14 points and thus won the game – with nary a word about the defense. He repeatedly answered most questions with “We need […]