Channeling Brian Kelly

No inside information here just thinking how curious this all is. First the blowout where Kelly and his entire staff absolutely schooled. Many times I saw Nix looking to the bench, it almost seemed that the signal given back was – “hey you’re on your own”. Talk about confused and befuddled. The only good defensive play I remember is Calabrese standing up a blocker and making a tackle. Give him a 5th year.

Then at the half Kelly says he can win if Alabama doesn’t come out for the 2nd half – never heard anything like that by a coach in a Title game. Old USC coach John McKay often quite comical with his quips but this was a glum response. Further, if I recall it was the ND players talking about the future – there was no soaring rhetoric from Kelly.

Continuing, Phila. Eagles literally fall out of the sky to talk to Kelly the next day (after that drubbing I would have flown on) – so Swarbrick had to know about this, I believe permission is needed to interview any coach. I doubt very much this was first meeting with Kelly or his agent. I think this meeting was to propose an offer and give Kelly a few days to think about it – then Kelly left the country – huh?

Asst. coaches apparently know nothing – so Anzalone de-commits last days and no comment from anyone – not even wishing him well, we still like him blah blah blah.

All conjecture but this could have been cooking for months – ever since Reid was informed he was gone.

Dead silence from South Bend with all recruits left hanging. Swarbrick had to be doing something(knowing the score) and if all else fails he might bring back Holtz for one year as interim coach – hell that old guy Bill Snyder came back to help Kansas State.

Have to wait but if Kelly bolts for the bucks $$$$ bet here is Swarbrick immediately names a replacement.

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