Kelly Stays At Notre Dame

Jack Swarbrick confirmed that Brian Kelly to continue as coach of ND football. Now Jack has to sign him to a virtually unbreakable contract and pay Kelly and his assistant coaches on par with other major programs – think Alabama. The first big raise to Tony Alford–just best recruiter in the country.

If Kelly wants field grass and jumbo-tron – give it to him.

While a renegotiated contract for Kelly and assistants for a 12-0 season would be appropriate, what do you do concerning their performance against Alabama? ND not only got outplayed but they were totally out coached. They were not competitive at all, actually a disgraceful performance and while Alabama is certainly good ND looked like they just showed up knowing they would lose so didn’t even practice.

Which brings us to the Anzalone case. While I thought he was never really in, the other recruits were shocked. Using Kelly/Eagles doesn’t fly because Florida coach interviewed with the Chicago Bears.

Kelly has a lot of repair work ahead of him not only with ND students and fans but also his assistants not to mention current recruits.

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