Manti Gives Interview

ESPN’s Jeremy Schapp had a lengthy interview with Manti and seems convinced that Manti not part of the wild dead girlfriend scheme. Here is the interview:

There are articles all over the place slicing and dicing. Easy enough for you to find on your own. Manti has lived his whole life in a protective bubble and I, for one, believe he was perfect for this scam.

There is some female out there who is real and who did indeed talk to him continually – let the detectives out there find her get a picture, name and publish it and force her to give a statement.

In Today’s New York Post – an article and picture of a real and according to her Manti’s current girlfriend identified as Alexandra Del Pilar a student at St. Mary’s College, the sister school of Notre Dame.

Alexandra Del Pilar

Alexandra Del Pilar

Click Here For Full Article. Is this true? How the hell do I know. I’m finished with all of this and just wish Manti the best – he was a great great player and poster boy for the University.

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