Notre Dame VS. Alabama 1/07/2013

Magical season for this 2012 ND squad ends with a victory over Alabama. No way will this team allow Manti Te’o to leave with a loss and no way will Manti allow it. Confidence and toughness will determine the outcome.

If ND plays like they did against Miami and Oklahoma they win going away. We don’t want a repeat of the Pitt and USC games. If ND shows up just happy to be there Bama will eat them up.

Hopefully Brian Kelly takes the reins off Golson and just let him play his game. I think we will see a lot of 2 back sets – Riddick, Wood or Atkinson. I think Wood lights it up, gets the MVP award and boosts his stock for the Pro draft. Brian Kelly has had 45 days to prepare so let’s hope he is creative and as he himself said – no holding back for this game.

On offense it’s Golson, Wood and TJ Jones that carry the Irish. I would really like to see a warp speed offense that just exhausts the Bama D. Golson should be required to watch Johnny Football’s highlights for hours – both red shirt freshman so EG it’s time to ignite.

On Defense – get the Bama QB–go after him every play and I do mean every play. We want to really rattle this guy and we know exactly where he will be. Fastest route to him is right up the middle. If Bama’s center still having trouble with his ankle I would tag team him with Nix and Tuitt and let Shembo clean up. Shembo could be the defensive MVP of this game.

I also look for out of their mind games from Dan Fox and Carlo Calabrese as they look to come back for 5th year. Earlier it looked like a cinch but the way 2013 recruits pouring in the numbers may edge them out. Hate to see either go but if it happens and they want 1 more year just dial up Rich Rod at Arizona – they have no defensive players at all and the weather’s nice.


Notre Dame 27 Alabama 24

Go Irish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Chris says:

    This game comes down to two games within the game.

    First, as I’ve been saying all year, Golson has to make few to no mistakes. He’s gotten better by leaps and bounds since the start of the season. Let’s hope there is no rust.

    Second, it comes down to ND’s D line against the ‘Bama O line. If the ‘Bama O line is really as good as everyone says, we’re in trouble. I don’t think they are that good. And I think ND’s D line is fantastic.

    I like our chances. I think its going to be a grinding low scoring game.I predict a slightly lower scoring game than you and I think ND pulls it out by 3 or less.

    Go Irish!

    • ND Editor says:

      Chris–I’m with you–I’ll take any kind of win. For some reason blowout keeps popping into my head but I’m not sure which team. Two guys that don’t know what Golson will do are Saban and Kelly.

  • Chris says:

    I also predict that I’ll be pacing and shouting at the TV a lot.

  • Chris says:

    “If ND plays like they did against Miami and Oklahoma they win going away. We don’t want a repeat of the Pitt and USC games. If ND shows up just happy to be there Bama will eat them up.”

    Yes, just happy to be there. This was a massacre beyond words. Your gut feeling? Always trust your gut feeling.

    Frankly, I blame Kelly. That sort of performance comes from the coach. Players came out flat. Did he forget to bring the defensive line with him to Miami? Do we have to get sedatives for EG? I mean, he’s not a freshman, he’s a redshirt. No excuses there. Wonder how many commits change now. ND gets top 10 classes year in and year out.

    This game forces me to change my thesis that the SEC is hyped just because the SEC is beloved by the media. That was awful. Most of the teams in the SEC could have done a better job, besides maybe Vandy.

    I’ll say this. Thankfully, my TV is big and my windows are small, otherwise that sucker might have been taking a dive onto the driveway.

    • ND Editor says:

      Chris–didn’t even have computer up, so just checking now.
      This was truly a classic ass kicking, beat down and everything else you can think of. Bama’s first drive didn’t surprise me but the 2nd. did, game over right there.

      Atrocious coaching, the defense was just awful–Bama’s center had a bad wheel and he still kicked ass. I just wonder what the hell they did the last 6 weeks.

      Christ, I hope we can hold our recruits–they will be swarmed right up to signing day. We really needed to be competitive, not necessarily win but keep it close at least. This is as bad as it gets.

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