Spring Football – 2014

Kelly starts off with a press conference Friday and then 2 days of actual practice Mon. & Tues – then 2 weeks off and then practice up to the April 12th Blue Gold Game.

A few coaching changes – Elliott to OLB coach and Cooks to CB’s and Safeties. Players move – Farley to CB and Onawaulu to Safety – gives us about 15 Safeties. I think they will make freshman Tranquill an ILB. Luke Massa is passing on 5th year to intern for some type of super job – see what a ND diploma gets you!!

Looks like Zaire will get a ton of work and Kelly stressed that Zaire must be able to step in – reminder we only have 2 QB’s until the Fall then 3rd QB Kizer – currently looks like a stick figure.

Here’s clips for your enjoyment.

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