Spring Injuries

Two serious setbacks for 2 players that had to sit out last year:

Chase Hounshell DE – looking to work his way into the DL rotation suffered his 2nd broken shoulder which will require surgery and in all likelihood is out for 2013. This is going to hurt for the DL really has very little depth.

I never thought he should have played as a freshman–he was simply not strong enough. Very highly regarded but he did not have the size or strength of Tuitt and Lynch. He was in great shape but this is his junior year and even with eligibility preserved I’m not sure at all he will ever play.

Amir Carlisle RB broke his collar bone – this is just one of many injuries in his short career. It may be that he is just too small and perhaps too brittle. With this injury he should be recovered by the Fall.

We have had a spate of hamstring, shoulder and collar bone injuries and while the hammies seem to have been taken care of it’s the shoulder and collar bone injuries that cause a lot of concern. Those areas really need to be looked into by Longo – just too many of them.

Both were injured in the 1st practice in pads and the loss of Hounshell is going to have an impact on the practices for the rest of the Spring and maybe into the Fall.

You have to feel for these guys – both worked so hard to get into shape and get some playing time.

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