Spring Practice 2014

Some videos from Saturday – really doesn’t mean a hell of a lot since reporters only get a very brief glimpse and I don’t know who’s who anyhow.

Kelly gives the usual bs about Golson needs to get to know receivers – looks rusty and Zaire looks to me more of a runner. Golson missed a whole year so he’d still be getting to know receivers even if they were all back.

Not going to learn a whole lot from these practices – just need to wait for Blue Gold game to really see anything. Just hope no serious injuries.

You all probably don’t remember back to 2012 season but Golson was dreadful in some of those games – I don’t think he or Zaire have the “touch” that all the great QB’s have – that being the case, just hope we have a class A running game.

I don’t miss Diaco at all with his non aggressive prevent Defense – cost plenty of games including the FSU Bowl Game that was blamed on Rees.

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