Coach Kerry Cooks reel in his 2nd TX recruit with the commit of WR Jalen Guyton Texas 6’1″ 180 with burner speed. Guyton visited ND last week and yesterday made the call to Cooks. Boy feels real good making inroad in Texas–probably best HS football in the country.

Apparently Guyton narrowed it down to Stanford and the winner–ND beating out A&M, Baylor, Okla. OSU and others along the way. Believe Guyton was sold even before last weeks visit. Class now has WR, QB, 2 OL and a Safety.

Other News : Jarrett Grace another surgery on right leg–rod insertion. Coach Kelly indicates he will know in 6 weeks if Grace plays in 2014. Here’s a really talented, big MLB that waited 2 years behind Te’o and just when he was coming on strong goes down with a serious injury. I don’t know how anyone can contemplate football with his kind of leg injury–4 fractures and now a pin. Wish him the best of luck.

Chase Hounshell DL injured freshman year and after 3 shoulder injuries making a comeback.

What ever happened to Anthony Rabassa–big pick up from Florida but apparently can’t find a position on Defense—I really thought he’d be an early contributor in the Tuitt, Lynch class.

Really love the story on walk on Joe Schmidt getting 1st team reps but what about Michael Deeb–redshirt saved hoping that Fox and Carlo could handle 2013. Thought he was a sure bet. He better make his move now before Morgan shows up.

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