Final regular game for 2012 and Notre Dame is #1, Barkley allegedly won’t play due to an injury to his throwing arm. Hopefully that’s true but don’t be surprised if he has a miraculous recovery if 2nd team QB Max Wittek is not doing very good. Can just see it- Barkley comes in off the bench and shreds ND upsetting #1 and throws BCS into a tailspin.

I think, unfortunately, that Pat Haden will get rid of Kiffen if USC loses to Notre Dame–let’s face it, the guy is a real scumbag and Haden is a straight shooter and sure must not like the record 4 losses when this team was almost automatically going to the Big Game in the pre-season.

They certainly have the players, get great recruits but the 4 losses especially the last to UCLA just might cause the axe to fall if they lose to ND. If Notre Dame beats USC that together with the loss to UCLA is the perfect opportunity to dump Kiffen and clean up the programs mess.

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