Not A Done Deal

So – ok we currently have 5 of 22 commits enrolled and a few other outstanding players were in on, including a recent USC 4 star Kylie Fitts 6’4″ 260 DE furious at Lane Kiffen for dropping him from the early commit process – so he bolts. If I’m ND I get him on campus, sign him up and start school right away – it’s not too late.

The other USC DL Vandergoss?(sp) visiting the week of 1/25 I think – we really need this guy.

So what am I getting at? Kelly and no contract – other schools now poaching all our commits and it’s only about 3 weeks to NSD, Kelly has to sign a contract NOW TODAY – what the hell is the hold up. How the hell is this complicated? Yet Swarbrick says will take several weeks – why the hell is that?

No contract for Kelly is being used to try to get our commits to flip.

Give him a guaranteed 10 year contract and I don’t care about the Weis deal, ND can easily afford it. Give him what he wants for Asst. coaches.

If he wants new field grass, jumbo tron, ND logo at 50 yard line and names on jerseys – give it to him.

But for Christ’s sake get the goddam deal done now and stop all the f—ing around.


  • Chris says:

    It is pretty insane. There is something going on in the background that we’re not privy to. And I don’t even want to speculate as to what that may be. But, it’s hard to believe that ND can or would be this incompetent. Hence why I think there is something else going on.

    • ND Editor says:

      Chris–as usual you are right on. This is so easy to stop in it’s tracks that why not resolved is making me uneasy. The only thing I can think of–the priests who run the school don’t agree with what Kelly wants while Swarbrick working them.

      Holtz ran into same problem as did Leahy. Really hard to figure out unless the priests have said no to everything Kelly wants. Someone has to get this done Now. just remember Rockne always said he would go to USC unless demands met.

      We will never know but I think big problem the history prof or some other asshole will feel slighted if Diaco making more than him. Big problem in spades–Kelly might sign 1 yr. deal and then gone since academics trumps football even though football paying all costs including some assholes salary in the dept of social sciences.

  • Chris says:

    My goodness. Manti T’eo statement. 8pm Notre Dame News Conference.

    My initial take? Either Manti is the DUMBEST guy on the entire planet, and cheated on his entrance exam to get into Notre Dame or, like the story says, He and a buddy made this whole story up, for the Heisman?

    Either way, his draft stock is now much lower. And Bill Belichik won’t draft him.

    What a friggin shame for ND. Just more salt for the wounds.

    • ND Editor says:

      Chris–don’t know more than you–but my initial reaction Te’o played–you have to remember this centers around Stanford-always known for bizarre occurrences.

      Still very bizarre, very bizarre–I think he was really innocent and immature and internet users wanted to play him. I was always curious though why no pics him and his gal in Calif or Hawaii–or did he think he just had an internet romance–think he was set up by those rascally Stanford do-badders, . He thought everyone loved him–so why not the set-up. Who knows–but bet your bottom dollar ND will know and soon–just sad.

      Who knows– one more kick in the ass.

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