Notre Dame 17 BYU 14

ND vs BYU Eifert Catch
Whew, well that’s over and the Irish are 7-0. Really not a good offensive day for ND point wise but ND racked up 270-60 yards rushing over BYU which was 3rd in the country in rushing defense. ND got it going just enough to win late and that is scary with the Oklahoma Sooners on the horizon.

Rees started out great hitting Eifert who had a TD catch then things reverted back to tipped balls for picks. Who says Rees can’t fire the ball, he threw a rocket to DaVaris Daniels that almost took his head off, unfortunately he was only about 5 yards away. So we know Rees can throw a fast hard ball but really never see him do it. His jump balls to Eifert were just things of beauty–right on the money.

Heroes of the game:

  • Eifert–what more can you say–get it near him and he catches it.
  • Riddick– 15 carries 143 yards–tough tough running on the inside.
  • Wood–18 carries 114 yards–real nice running.
  • GA III — nice move for TD when we needed it.
  • OL — sometimes
  • Stephon Tuitt– 2 big sacks and harassed QB all day.
  • Manti Te’o—usual game and gets a pick.
  • Danny Spond — great all day and ended game with a pick.
  • Defense–another great game but man BYU receivers way too open.
  • Punch out winner–Troy Niklas for smacking a guy right in front of the ref.

So we move on to Oklahoma who throttled Kansas 52-7 with over 300 passing yds uh oh.

I personally think BYU a good team but at times we gave them too much time to throw–can’t do that against Oklahoma. We get Golson next Saturday and I really hope Kelly has a high octane offense ready–we just have to score points and more points here on out.

We won’t beat Oklahoma if we just score 17 points. Our offensive production is scary when you look at what others are putting up–like Oregon and Kansas State.

I wish our coach Kelly had spent the bye week with Oregon’s coach Kelly to learn what a spread is supposed to do. Or even Rich Rod at Arizona who pummeled Washington 52-17.

Ya gotta score points period and we haven’t outside of 2 games. Sooner or later our defense will not be able to save us.

Bowling–I’ll take LSU–want no parts of the others.

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